Meet Rifqi Maulana, the man behind the lens, navigating the bustling streets of London while juggling the diverse roles of a part-time photographer, a full-time master's student, and the visionary founder of a coffee company. Embark on a visual journey capturing the essence of travel, the joy of pre-weddings, and the triumph of graduations. With an artful approach, every frame tells a story, and every moment is frozen in time.

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My Virtuosity


As a photographer, I have worked on various projects including capturing stunning travel destinations, documenting beautiful pre-weddings, capturing memorable graduation moments, and showcasing the unique beauty of different tourism occasions.


Graduation is a milestone in one's life, and I feel honored to capture the excitement, pride, and achievements of graduates as they embark on a new chapter. I strive to capture the essence of this momentous occasion in a unique and memorable way.


Travel photography is my passion. I have been fortunate to visit breathtaking locations around the world and capture the essence of different cultures, landscapes, and people through my lens. Whether you prefer portrait photography with a mirrorless camera or the stunning perspectives of aerial photography with a drone, I have you covered.


Capturing portrait photography is an art form that allows us to preserve and cherish special moments in our lives. Through the lens, we can freeze time and capture the essence of a person's personality, emotions, and beauty. Whether it's a pre-wedding or a simple gathering with loved ones, portrait photography can encapsulate the joy, love, and laughter that fill these moments.



For inquiries or bookings, please feel free to reach out to me using the contact information provided below.

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