I am a 26-year-old part-time photographer and full-time master's student at Bayes Business School in London, UK. I tackle academia with the same finesse as framing the perfect shot.

My Background

Master's Student

2023 - 2024


2017 - Present

Recent Work


Born in the vibrant landscapes of Indonesia and currently based in the eclectic city of London, I bring a fusion of cultural influences to my work. Explore a unique blend of traditions, colors, and perspectives, as my visuals transcend borders, capturing the beauty of diversity.


As a photographer, I have captured beautiful moments and created stunning visuals for my clients. So, grab a cup of your favorite brew, scroll through the galleries, and immerse yourself in the visual and aromatic symphony curated by me. Because in my world, every click and every sip is an invitation to experience life in its most vibrant hues.

Video projects and awards

I have worked on various award-winning projects specifically on travel and tourism content creation. My journey is not just about photographs; it's an odyssey of creativity and entrepreneurship. Bridging the worlds of visual storytelling, academia, and coffee culture, I invite you to join me in a portfolio that reflects the multifaceted tapestry of my life.